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BUDAPEST Dinner & Cruise

(from 19,00 till 20,30h and from 22,00h till 23,30h) 
Budapest is said to be the only real Danube capital.
No doubt, the river which flows right through its heart, the illuminated bridges at night, the Parliament building and the Royal Palace give Budapest an unparalleled atmosphere.
We would like to invite you to see the Danube capital in the romantic atmosphere of a dinner by candlelight surrounded by the friendly lights of the Danube capital. After the visit of Kossuth Museum-Ship  you will be welcomed on board of one of our air-conditioned ships, which will take you on a one and a half hours long cruise with an excellent warm buffet-dinner. In the romantic candlelight atmosphere you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in light. After dinner you can also admire the panorama from the open upper deck of the ship.
DINNER & CRUISE program is also available without dinner. If you book a cruise only with drinks, you can enjoy the beautiful night panorama over a glass of champagne and another glass of soft drink, wine or beer.
Meeting point for the DINNER & CRUISE at 19,00h is at the Kossuth Museum-Ship. Please, be by the reception of the ship latest at 18,45h.

Kossuth Museum-Ship address: Belgrád rakpart (quay) under the Hotel Inter-Continental
Aperitif: Champagne or Peach Palinka
Cold entries: Hungarian poteto salad 
Cottage cheese "Budapest" style with bread   Soup: Onion soup "Makói" style, with smoked cheese and crouton  
Warm main course: 
Mini stuffed cabbage with grilled "Debreceni" sausage
Hungarian Letcho with sausage
Grilled pullet fillet with "Tokaji" sauce 
Vegetarian: Lasagne verde with spinach
Grilled vegetables

Side dishes:
Rice , Parsley potato
Fresh green salad with different kind of dressings
Greek rustic salad with feta cheese
Vegetable salad with majonnaise dressing "Kossuth" style
Selection of mini desserts
Selection of mini strudels 
Fruit basket:
Exotic and seasons fruits
1 glass of red or white wine + 1 bottle of water (0,33) or soft drink + coffee or tea

BUDAPEST Legenda Ship

Danube Legend is an evening sightseeing cruise on the river, combined with a sound and vision show. The boat departs from the centre of Budapest and makes an hour round trip in the city. While you are enchanted by the illuminated sights, famous Hungarian historical personalities, kings, queens poets, inventors and even the Danube tells you legendary stories about the town. Through TV screens - hanged every where on board - you are able to look behind the walls of the buildings passing by, to admire the hidden interiors. The programme ends with the Blue Danube Waltz which whispers in your ears any time you remember the tour.

Duration: 1 hour
Included: 2 drinks (champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks)
Languages: selection of 30 languages

Departure: Budapest, 5th district, Vigadó tér - Boat Station Pier 7.

About the Legenda ship:
. Built in 2004
. 150 passengers in the winter, 180 in the summer
. 2 floors
. Open-air or heated, depending on weather
. Suitable for sightseeings and events as well
. Kitchen and bar on board

January, February, November, December: 18:30
March, October: 18:30, 19:30, 20:15, 21:00
April, September: 19:30, 20:15, 21:00, 22:00
May, June, July, August: 20:15, 21:00, 22:00
No tour on 24, 25, 26 December


BUDAPEST Operetta - Ship

During the candle-lit voyage the international program of excellent singing, instrumental and dancing artists, called the Operetta - Ship Association formed by the members of the Hungarian State Opera House will guarantee your entertainment. They sing and play the most popular passages of operas, operettas, Italian, Spanish songs, musicals in the original languages, instrumental solos, and perform brilliant folklore, classical and step dances in elegant costumes.
During the exclusive voyage, while admiring the wonderfully lit night view of Budapest, you can choose from the favourite dishes of Ferenc Lehár, Imre Kálmán, and Johann Strauss

The program is held on 22 March, and from 4 April 2008 to 31 October 2008 every Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun (except 20. August)  from 20:00 to 22:00h.

Operetta Ship Menu 2008

Welcome Drink
Glass of champagne

Cold dishes
Turkey-roll stuffed with dried fruits
Pullet breast a'la Palermo
Favourite of our Chef - cold meat plate
Different kind of vegetables stuffed delicious salads
Stuffed egg a'la casino
Mixed cheese plate

Potatoes salad with onion and bacon
Greek salad
Season salads with various sauces
Pickled vegetables from Vecsés
Fresh, home-baked breads
white, semi-brown and rye bread, fingers: nature, with sesame- and poppy seed

Main courses
Pike-pearch of lake Balaton in savoury sauce
Gratin vegetables on chicken-strings
Beef stew in red wine a la' Gemenc
Mini stuffed cabbage

Buttered rice with parsley
Special grated and roasted potatoes
Home-made pasta or granulated-pastry

Sweet dreams of Somló with chocolate souse
Fruit salad
Sweet honeyed dough with walnut or rice-cake or Grandma's stuffed noodle with jelly

Beside the menu guests can choose from a wide range of the supply of the drink bar.

Operetta - Ship is also available without dinner.

River cruise to Révbérpuszta

Special and in Hungary a unique ability, that Révbérpusta can be also approached direct on the Danube by ship. The river Danube is after the Volga the 2nd largest river of Europe. It springs from the Black Forest (Germany) and joins to the Black Sea. It's 2.850 meters long, and it runs across 10 countries.
The Danube is also preferred by the active and passive tourists. On all of the sections of the river several ships wait for the passengers. The beautiful towns and the tourist facilities of the riverside mean very interesting sights for the tourists.
The harbour of Solt was built in year 2003, and since then several ships have ported here, including the small pleasure ships, and the grand river ships.
Cruise starts in Budapest.
At the riverside the passengers are waited by our horse carriages, who are carried to the equestrian centre by them during a nostalgic pleasure-drive. We welcome the guests there with apricot brandy, than they can taste the baked-in-oven "langosh" with sour cream on it. To dew the throats we offer white wine and water.
After that the shows of craftsmen can be surveyed (shoeing smith, carpet weaver, embroider, potter, etc.), meanwhile at cellar white wine and salty biscuits are offered.
After a short walk the Guests can have a look at a typical farm house and the ancient Hungarian farm animals (grey cattle, "mangalica" pig, "racka" sheep, Hungarian half-blood horse, donkey, etc.).
After that the famous Hungarian gastronomy can be enjoyed, because we invite the dear Guests for a lunch, while our zither band guarantees the top joy.

Clear chicken soup
Beef-stew with special steamed noodles, called "tarhonya", and with cabbage salad
Corn pie with plum jam
For this menu we offer white and red wine, and at the end coffee
After lunch an impulsive horse show can be viewed, than the Guests can try riding on horseback or on donkeyback, and driving the horse carriage.
Finally the guests can travel back to the port by horse-carriages.

The hydrofoil departs from "Vigadó" Square between 01.05.2008. and 30.09.2008. every Wednesday at 9:00 AM.