10 days tour on route Budapest-Tokaj-Pécs-Lake Balaton


Be a part of rich, old European traditions and let history unfold as you walk along the Danube and soak in the beauty of Budapest, relax in spas fed by natural thermal springs delight in and various musical styles from opera to gypsy music. Discover age old wine regions and grape varieties that are only just beginning to be known, savior hearty, full bodied and velvety red wines, take pleasure in diverse and fragrant white wines, and swoon over the succulently sweet wines of Tokaj. Meet the winemakers who will share time worn secrets and fill you with historical tales of the vine while you feast on the unique Hungarian cuisine, rich, varied and steeped in tradition.


visiting ☼Etyek-Buda wine district ☼Tokaj wine district ☼Villány –Siklós wine district ☼Balatonfüred-Csopak wine district