In 1992, just a short while after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the political and economic changes allowed Ágnes Drégely to establish her own company, named Tour East Tour.

Based on her previous position at one of the most important Hungarian travel companies and her subsequent vast experience in the tourism industry, she had first obtained an Italian then a German business partner. After 10 years of partnerships, she was able to operate Tour East Tour as a sole owner. As the result of Ms Drégely’s dedication and professionalism her travel agency has grown into a dependable, highly successful business with several knowledgeable team members on board.

Her main focus has always been the incoming tourism from Germany which extended later to Austria, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy.

In 2010 the company has entered the South East Asian and Persian Gulf markets offering European round trips with a steadily increasing success rate.



At Tour East Tour We are not only committed to the prosperity of our own business but also engaged to support and improve the incoming tourism in Hungary. Since it was established The company is the member of MUISZ, the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies of which Ágnes Drégely is the Vice President since the year 2004.