7-day round trip for Mary pilgrims on route Passau-Győr-Pannonhalma-Esztergom-Szentendre-Budapest-Kalocsa-Hajós-Pécs-Máriagyüd-Andocs-Tihany-Balatonfüred-Herend-Veszprém-Győr


Pannonhalma-1000-year-old Benedictine monastery, seat of the archabbey.
Esztergom-seat of the Hungarian Catholic Church. Visit to the Cathedral, the Christian Museum, the crypt with the tomb of Cardinal Mindszenthy.
Budapest– the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Matthias church the Downtown parish church
Kalocsa– beautiful Baroque church & the Archbishop’s Palace with the famous library
Hajós– Hungarian-German village and a “relocation” of Württemberg Mary pilgrimage
Pécs-UNESCO World Heritage-listed early Christian funerary chapels
Máriagyüd– place of pilgrimage, 35 km from Pécs
Tihany-Benedictine abbey church with Romanesque crypt of the second king of Hungary
Veszprém – the city of the soulful Gisela of Bavaria, where her husband, St. Stephen founded the diocese.